Usage [source]:
class_mean = economo_koskinas_spider(parcel_data, varargin)

Stratify parcellated data according to von Economo-Koskinas cytoarchitectonic classes (authors: @caseypaquola, @saratheriver)

  • parcel_data (double array) – vector of data. Parcellated data.

Name/value pairs:
  • parcellation (string, optional) - Parcellation to go from parcel_data to surface. Default is ‘aparc_fsa5’.

  • fill (double, optional) - Value for mask. Default is 0.

  • title (string, optional) – Title of spider plot. Default is empty.

  • axis_range (double array, optional) - Range of spider plot axes. Default is (min, max).

  • label (cell array, optional) - List of axis labels. Length = 5. Default is names of von Economo-Koskinas cytoarchitectonic classes.

  • color (double array, optional) - Color of line. Default is [0 0 0].

  • figure (figure) – Spider plot.