Usage [source]:
[a, cb] = plot_cortical(data, varargin);

Plot cortical surface with lateral and medial views (authors: @MICA-MNI, @saratheriver)

  • data (double array) – vector of data, size = [1 x v]

Name/value pairs:
  • surface_name (string, optional) – Name of surface {‘fsa5’, ‘conte69}. Default is ‘fsa5’.

  • label_text (string, optional) – Label text for colorbar. Default is empty.

  • background (string, double array, optional) – Background color. Default is ‘white’.

  • color_range (double array, optional) – Range of colorbar. Default is [min(data) max(data)].

  • cmap (string, double array, optional) – Colormap name. Default is ‘RdBu_r’.

  • a (axes) – vector of handles to the axes, left to right, top to bottom

  • cb (colorbar) - colorbar handle