Usage notes

The ENIGMA TOOLBOX includes a set of commonly used tools accompanied by validated, ready-to-use, and easy-to-follow code snippets. These code snippets will guide you through each analysis step, starting from loading ENIGMA-derived datasets to visualizing findings from advanced secondary analyses.
To accommodate a larger scientific audience, we present code snippets in both Python and Matlab. Tutorials in the ENIGMA TOOLBOX are also compatible with individual site data or data derived from a mega-analysis (mega) as well as data obtained from a meta-analytical studies (meta). Each available option is presented in their respective tabs as shown below; if tabs do not specify meta or mega, then the code is generalizable to both dataset options.
⤎ If you have meta-analysis data (e.g., summary statistics)
⤏ If you have individual site or mega-analysis data

Some tutorials may have specific prerequisite steps; if that is the case, we provided the links to the steps you must complete first as follows:

PrerequisitesInstall me!