Matlab API

enigma datasets


Loads the ENIGMA example dataset (from one site - MICA-MNI Montreal; author: @saratheriver)


Outputs summary statistics for a given disorder (author: @saratheriver)

import / export

nfaces(surface_name, hemisphere)

Returns number of faces/triangles for a surface (author: @saratheriver)

getaffine(surface_name, hemisphere)

Returns vox2ras transform for a surface (author: @saratheriver)

write_cifti(data, varargin)

Writes cifti file (authors: @NicoleEic, @saratheriver)

connectivity matrices


Load functional connectivity data (author: @saratheriver)


Load functional connectivity data (cortical + subcortical in one matrix; author: @saratheriver)


Load structural connectivity data (author: @saratheriver)


Load structural connectivity data (cortical + subcortical in one matrix; author: @saratheriver)

gene co-expression data


Fetch Allen Human Brain Atlas microarray expression data from all donors and all genes (author: @saratheriver)


Outputs names of GWAS-derived risk genes for a given disorder

cross-disorder effect


Cross-disorder effect (authors: @boyongpark, @saratheriver)

spin permutations

spin_test(map1, map2, varargin)

Spin permutation (author: @saratheriver)

centroid_extraction_sphere(sphere_coords, annotfile)

Extract centroids of a cortical parcellation on a surface sphere (authors: @frantisekvasa, @saratheriver)

rotate_parcellation(coord_l, coord_r, nrot)

Rotate parcellation (authors: @frantisekvasa, @saratheriver)

perm_sphere_p(x, y, perm_id, corr_type)

Generate a p-value for the spatial correlation between two parcellated cortical surface maps (authors: @frantisekvasa, @saratheriver)

shuf permutations

shuf_test(map1, map2, varargin)

Shuf permuation (author: @saratheriver)

surface plotting

plot_cortical(data, varargin)

Plot cortical surface with lateral and medial views (authors: @MICA-MNI, @saratheriver)

plot_subcortical(data, varargin)

Plot subcortical surface with lateral and medial views (author: @saratheriver)


bb_moments_raincloud(region_idx, title)

Stratify regional data according to BigBrain statistical moments (authors: @caseypaquola, @saratheriver)

bb_gradient_plot(data, varargin)

Stratify parcellated data according to the BigBrain gradient (authors: @caseypaquola, @saratheriver)

economo_koskinas_spider(parcel_data, varargin)

Stratify parcellated data according to von Economo-Koskinas cytoarchitectonic classes (authors: @caseypaquola, @saratheriver)

re-order subcortical data matrix


Re-order subcortical volume data alphabetically and by hemisphere (left then rightl; author: @saratheriver)

z-score data matrix

zscore_matrix(data, group, controlCode)

Z-score data relative to a given group (author: @saratheriver)


parcel_to_surface(parcel_data, parcellation, fill)

Map parcellated data to the surface (authors : @MICA-MNI, @saratheriver)

surface_to_parcel(surf_data, parcellation)

Map surface data to a parcellation (authors : @MICA-MNI, @saratheriver)