enigmatoolbox.cross_disorder.cross_disorder_effect(disorder='all_disorder', measure=None, additional_data_cortex=None, additional_name_cortex=None, additional_data_subcortex=None, additional_name_subcortex=None, ignore=None, include=None, method='pca')[source]

Cross-disorder effect (authors: @boyongpark, @saratheriver)

  • disorder (list, optional) – Any combination of disorder name. Default is all available disorders, except ‘adhd’. Options are: {‘22q’, ‘adhd’, ‘asd’, ‘bipolar’, ‘depression’, ‘epilepsy’, ‘ocd’, ‘schizophrenia’}.

  • measure (list, optional) – Any combination of measure names. Default is {‘CortThick’, ‘CortSurf’, ‘SubVol’}.

  • additional_data_cortex (ndarray, optional) – Name for additional cortical ENIGMA-type data. Must also provide ‘additional_name_cortex’.

  • additional_name_cortex (list, optional) – Additional cortical ENIGMA-type data (n, 68). Must also provide ‘additional_name_cortex’.

  • additional_data_subcortex (ndarray, optional) – Name for additional subcortical ENIGMA-type data. Must also provide ‘additional_name_subcortex’.

  • additional_name_subcortex (list, optional) – Additional subcortical ENIGMA-type data (n, 16). Must also provide ‘additional_name_subcortex’.

  • ignore (list, optional) – Ignore summary statistics with these expressions. Default is (‘mega’) as it contains NaNs.

  • include (list, optional) – Include only summary statistics with these expressions. Default is empty, i.e., include everything.

  • method (string, optional) – Analysis method {‘pca’, ‘correlation’}. Default is ‘pca’.


  • components (dict) – Principal components of shared effects in descending order in terms of component variance. Only is method is ‘pca’.

  • variance (dict) – Variance of components. Only is method is ‘pca’.

  • correlation_matrix (dict) – Correlation matrices of for every pair of shared effect maps. Only is method is ‘correlation’.

  • names (dict) – Names of disorder and case-control effect maps included in analysis.